Tip of the Day = E-COMMERCE

E-Commerce is expected to grow OVER 20% this year... are you achieving double digit sales growth with your E-Commerce business?

In E-Commerce, content is KING.

E-Com Checklist:

  1. Make sure you have beautiful photography

  2. Lifestyle Imagery

    1. Lifestyle Imagery helps the customer envision themselves using the product.
  3. Item Selection

    1. Are you offering the right SKU assortment online? Larger packs, unique assortments, etc. perform well on E-Com
  4. Seasonal Content

    1. Ensure you are updating your content to reflect key seasonal peaks

  5. Track your inventory

    1. Ensure you are forecasting, keeping your items in stock, and being consistent! If your inventory is not consistent, you will lose rank and consumer visibility
  6. Lastly, have GREAT Customer Service

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