TIP TUESDAY: Why to go with a Sales Agency when doing business with Walmart & Sam's Club

Has your company recently entered Walmart or Sam's Club? Or are you trying to get your company in Walmart & Sam's Club?

Regardless of where you are on your path with Walmart & Sam's, you've probably begun to notice how complicated this process really is.

Take it from us, who's done business with these two retailer giants for over 40 years, you don't want to make any mistakes and miss this incredible opportunity to be doing business with the largest company in the world!

Why to go with a Sales Agency when doing business with Walmart and Sam's Club - Lentz & Company

Is going with a Sales Agency or Broker the right choice for your company?

You could embark this journey without the help of any outside Sales Agencies or Brokers and still have potential to be successful at Walmart and Sam's Club.

However, if you have risked a lot to get where you are and want absolute certainty that your Walmart & Sam's Club sales to skyrocket your business, a Sales Agency or Broker is definitely the right choice for you.

"It's like having a branch of your company that specializes in your success at Walmart and Sam's Club."

If you've decided that you want to use a Sales Agency or Broker for doing business with Walmart & Sam's Club, the next step is to determine which agency or broker is right for you!


Which Sales Agency or Broker is right for your business?

This depends on how much or how little assistance your company needs. Internally, you will need to figure out which tasks can be done in-house and which tasks you will need outside assistance with.

At Lentz & Company, we treat every client differently depending on their needs. We are also located in the heart of Walmart & Sam's Club: Bentonville, Arkansas. This can be a great advantage for your business because you can have a remote team that works on the ground at the Home Offices to ensure your meetings and sample deliveries are efficient and seamless.


Lentz & Company - A Brand Growth Management Firm that helps you WIN with the world's largest retailers.


Why should you pick Lentz & Company as your next Sales Agency?

  • For our expertise & strategic relationship with Walmart & Sam's Club
    • 40+ years of experience in working with these retailers
  • We address trends in Walmart & Sam's Club stores to stay ahead of the curve and increase sales
  • Retail Link management
  • Amazing Analytics & Reporting
    • Use Atlas & Tableau
  • McLane Warehouse management
  • Supply Chain Expertise
  • Walmart.com, Samsclub.com, Jet.com, & Hayneedle.com Item Setup & Support

Here are what our current clients in Walmart & Sam's Club have to say about doing business with Lentz & Company:

"Lentz & Company is excellent. Their attention to detail, relationships with the buying team, creative thinking, and work ethic are impressive. In addition their knowledge base on Walmart & Sam’s Club is invaluable. We really enjoy working with Lentz & Company!!" -Rachel Kruse, Sky Valley Foods
“I have worked with Leslie and her team for several years and have found them to be a great partner. Well connected, knowledgeable, committed, and hard working. In particular, Leslie’s grasp of the nuances of Walmart and her penchant for strategic thought have helped us gain distribution and drive sales.” -Jim Strange, Godiva

Want to learn more about what Lentz & Company can do for your business in Walmart and Sam's Club? 

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