Why your company should ALREADY be on social media in 2018

Think social media isn't right for your company? THINK AGAIN!

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Did you know that 70% of businesses are on Instagram? Not having social media channels for your business in 2018 means your company is almost invisible. Simply having a company website ISN'T ENOUGH. When your company joins the social media world, you get to interact with your target market from all around the world! It's also great for networking with similar companies in your niche.


"Social media is here. It's not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media." - Lori Ruff, Social & Communications Strategist



5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be On Social Media:


1) It's where your shoppers are!

No matter what demographic your target audience is, they're on social media. Facebook tends to attract older followers, which is why Walmart & Sam's Club have such success on it, and Instagram attracts a younger following. Regardless of this fact, your company needs to be on BOTH Facebook & Instagram. Think about what a potential customer might find when they Google your company name... they should find your company website first but think about what you them to find below it. A competitor's similar business? Something completely irrelevant to your business? How about instead they find your company's social media channels with great content and more information about what you do.

If your company does business in Walmart and Sam's Club but you think your customers are too old to care for social media, take a quick look at these stats below:

Walmart Social Media Count - Lentz & Company
Follower count as of 1/30/18

Follower count as of 1/30/18

Your millions of shoppers are waiting!

Millions of Walmart & Sam's Club shoppers are already on social media waiting for you. So what are you waiting for?


2) Social Media = the new face of your company

Company websites are no longer the face of your website! Of course you still need to have one, but people get to see your company's true colors through social media channels like Instagram & Facebook.

Examples of business social media profiles:

Our Instagram page

Here's a glimpse of our Instagram page. We utilize our Instagram page to showcase our current clients and to post about #lifeatlentz (aka Lentz & Company's work culture/ office life). It's been an amazing tool to promote our business as well as get to know other companies in our niche!

Halo Top Creamery's Social Media

Halo Top is an amazing example of why your company should be on social media. If you haven't read about Halo Top's success on social media, that's something you're going to want to read before you begin setting up. They are currently outselling Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry's in-store because they have an incredible social media following. They partnered with other brands and kept overhead extremely low and now they're the #1 pint in the U.S.


3) Can improve your Customer Service

Social media is a great tool because it allows you to communicate with your audience quickly & easily. You should use social media as another channel for your customer service. Your customers will ask you questions in comments and in DM's (direct messages) and you'll be able to answer them quickly because they send your phone an alert immediately. This is a great opportunity to get closer to your customers and show them outstanding customer service.

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4) Allows your company to become "discoverable"


Believe it or not, your customers are looking for you. If they're take the time to search you on Google, Instagram, or Facebook and you aren't there to be found, your customer will forget about you. Being on social media helps keep your company "top of mind" to your customers. Publishing regular content for your following to see keeps you in their mind (regardless if they take the time to read your post or not).


"In 2018, Social Media will put your company BACK on the map." - Rachel Roberts, Digital Marketing Coordinator


5) Boosts customer engagement & in-store sales

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Being on social media and interacting with your followers immediately BOOSTS your customer engagement! Interacting with your followers is crucial to learn more about your audience and to learn about what people think about your company. In return, you'll start to earn their trust. 


"Customers spend 20-40% more money on companies who engage with them on social media" - Digital Content Handbook


Social media is a fun platform that really allows your company to show its personality and it helps your company become more transparent. But it's not all about you and your company when it comes to social media, it's also about your followers. Your existing customers & followers want to share their thoughts and opinions about your company... for free. If they really love it, they'll even tell their friends & family. Your company website already does the job of showing everything about your company, so let your social media be the place where you can start a dialogue with your customers.


"Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you." - Bonnie Sainsbury, Digital Business Strategist


Social media can be used to help you find new customers, but it's the best for helping to maintain your existing customers. They need a place to congregate and talk about your company online, so give the people what they want!


"How do I start?"

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If this is the question you're asking yourself, our team of experts are ready to help! Social Media Management is a lot more work than you would expect. It requires a lot of thought, time, and consistency. Everything you just read is only JUST THE BEGINNING. It's not enough to just simply be on social media, you have to use it to its fullest potential to start seeing your ROI.


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